Mechanical press TMP Voronezh KA3540 - 1000 ton

Mechanical press TMP Voronezh KA3540 - 1000 ton (ID:76016) -

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Specifications - TMP Voronezh KA3540 (ID:76016)

TypeMechanical press
ManufacturerTMP Voronezh
Capacity1000 ton
Ram stroke400 mm
Max. ram strokes per min.20
Shut height1060 mm
Ram adjustment320 mm
Table size3150 x 1800 mm
Ram size3066 x 1700 mm
Max. permitted stamp weight on the ram13000 kg
Column gap size1500 x 1900 mm
Bolster plate thickness250 mm
Ram travel to its extreme position where it develops nominal capacity12 mm
Pneumatic cushion capacity200 ton
Pneumatic cushion stroke200 mm
Upper knock-out capacity50 ton
Main motor power132 kW
Press dimensions5150 x 4700 x 7830 mm
Press weight200000 kg
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